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There are several ways you can become part of the Maple Counseling “family.”


When Maple Counseling has an open position on staff, it is an opportunity to join a group of consummate professionals dedicated to the wellbeing of our community - both internally on staff and externally in our world. We wake up every day to make the world better. Click here to see what offerings are currently available.

Clinical Training Program

Maple Counseling is considered one of the most comprehensive community mental health centers in the country. Like a fine teaching hospital, Maple Counseling is a highly respected training facility. All client services are provided by what we call “interns,” graduate-level associates and trainees working towards licensure in the State of California, under supervision of our multidisciplinary team of highly-experienced licensed clinical staff and core of volunteer licensed clinicians from the fields of clinical psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy.

Our Clinical Training Program is the heartbeat of Maple Counseling. Year after year, it continues to be a highly sought-after training program among graduate students from colleges, universities, and institutes in California and throughout the nation. Maple Counseling’s training program is recognized nationally, and the depth of our clinical supervision is well known in the field. The counseling services provided by our trainees is an essential component to Maple Counseling providing low-fee services for individuals and families in need. All trainees receive close supervision from Maple Counseling’s clinical staff.

Volunteer Clinical Supervisors

Our cadre of highly skilled, professional Volunteer Clinical Supervisors are the mainstay of Maple Counseling’s programs. On average, over 100 volunteers per week assist the staff in ensuring the most cost-effective management of our center-based and community mental health programs. If trainees are our heartbeat, then our Volunteers are the backbone of Maple Counseling’s affordable and multidisciplinary services to people of all ages. If interested in becoming a Volunteer Clinical Supervisor, please contact: Dr. Marianne Calahan, Clinical Director at: 310-271-9999, x218.

Community Circle

For almost 50-years, Maple Counseling has provided FREE social-emotional development to hundreds of children each week in local public schools through our Community Circle Program. This well-regarded community program is made up 100% by volunteers.

Maple Alumni Association

Another group of dedicated volunteers assists monthly with a community of mental health professionals who share the privilege of having trained and/or been a Clinical Supervisor at Maple Counseling. This warm group of dedicated professionals is committed to continuing education, resource-sharing, and camaraderie.


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